COVID-19 Update: Continued Operations
Xfrost • March 31, 2020 •
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Xfrost has always believed in and practiced helping people. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Xfrost will continue to operate with a focus to serve the healthcare community. Our ice cream provides a key nutritional component in the diets of many individuals and is served as a protein replacement.

Because our cups are individually packaged with a tamper-proof heat seal and a spoon-included lid, Xfrost could be a safer nutritional option when compared to foods that require prep and handling. We are dedicated to providing packaging that minimizes the risk of contamination throughout the supply chain.

We have launched a donation initiative to assisted living, nursing homes, and other
healthcare facilities where Xfrost is needed and requested. Healthcare customers will be able to order 1 case of each flavor from their distributor and Xfrost will send a check to rebate the order. Our team will be working remotely to practice social distancing but is readily available by phone and email to address the needs of all customers, current and new.

Supply Chain Unchanged

Because Xfrost operates in the non-commercial food manufacturing and distribution spaces, our supply chain is considered essential business and all parts will continue to operate during the coronavirus crisis in the United States.

We have stocked supplies and inventory to address the increasing needs in healthcare and have a 2-3 day turnaround on deliveries to resupply our distributors. Many months of inventory are kept on hand to ensure uninterrupted supply.

Xfrost stands to help during this time of crisis and address a basic need: provide safe and nutritious food. We thank all our partners and customers for coming together to help each other through these difficult times. Together, we can, and will overcome.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at


Since May of 2018, Xfrost has been working with co-packers. Currently, our primary co-pack partner, with over 100 years of history as a leading ice cream producer, is listed on the FDA’s list of Interstate Milk Shippers and produces all of our ice cream in distribution.


Xfrost partners with major distributors who carry and deliver our ice cream to customers and facilities. At each stage of the supply chain, we and our partners carefully monitor and keep track of the proper handling procedures to ensure that the product is always safely transported, received, and delivered.


All ingredients and packaging are sourced domestically as part of the Buy America provision. All   inbound ingredients and supplies are documented with CoA’s as well as spec sheets for each lot number. This allows us to keep track and quickly refer to the exact batch of ingredients used on every production run by batch number printed on the bottom of each cup. 


Xfrost is: Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, & Gluten-Free.

While the facility overall is not nut-free, extensive sanitation and testing is conducted prior to every production run. We urge customers to always read the label and make sure our ice cream is suitable to any specific allergies they may have.


The production line is tested prior to and after every batch for residue allergens and sanitized with proper protocol. All allergy tests since Xfrost has been in partnership with our co-packer have produced negative results. Additionally, all final packaged products are further tested for major allergens and pathogen levels prior to shipping and have also produced negative results.

Audits and Licenses

The most recent audit at the co-pack facility passed the SQF inspection with an excellent score of 94 out of 100. While this is a very high score, the facility has a history of being in the high 90’s. All Inspection Certificates, HACCP Protocol, Licenses, and other regulatory documentation can be furnished upon request.

Below is a comprehensive list of the safety protocols that are strictly monitored at the production facility. 
With Gratitude,

Yang Bai
Chief Executive Officer